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vRDUS Store (Meta Quest version)

vRDUS Steam Store (PCVR version)

SideQuest vRDUS Listing (Meta Quest version)

vRDUS GitHub (Dev/Tester stuff)

vRDUS Discord Server (Public domain chart music & community)

vRDUS Twitter (Follow for updates.)

vRDUS YouTube (VRDUS videos)

vRDUS Reddit:


Moonscraper Chart Editor (Create or convert charts)

Create drum charts or convert .mid charts.

FeedBack Chart Editor (Create custom charts)

Virtual MIDI Synth (PCVR MIDI)

Use while connected to MIDI. Change the entire overall sound of your drum kit and every instrument, with one click. Use with .sf2 soundfont files. See help.


Use with above "Virtual MIDI Synth" to change your entire drum kit sound. See help.

Drum Charts

RhythmVerse: (Search custom songs)

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