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How To:

(PC) Create a Drum Chart for the Note Highway

VR Drums Ultimate Streamer can read .chart drum charts similar to other rhythm games.

Layout a custom drum chart to any song you like.

Moonscaper - Free Chart Editor

FeedBack - Free Chart Editor

Detailed info on how to lay down notes and chart for any song is on the GitHib page.

(PC) Save a Drum Kit to File

You can export any in-game saved drum kit to a single file for a backup for your personal collection.

Use the included "Companion Application",  there is a launch option for it when you launch the game in Steam.


Option: Launch it manually. Find it in the games roots installation folder.

Where are Steam games installed? Info

(Quest) How to play music while drumming?

The Quest version of VRDUS now comes with a file browser that can play the files .MP3 / .OGG that you select.

Q: Why is the music player not working in-game?

  • VRDUS need to access the Quest storage or SD card to access your music and play it. Make sure you have READ permission enabled. Under the Oculus settings you can toggle any requested permissions for each app.

Other Options To Play Music:

  • Spotify (Option 2)

Open Spotify web player on Meta/Oculus browser, play any song, go to the game and then with a PC or phone hit play while Spotify is being connected to the web player.

Check out this video for more info: Basti564 Spotify Tool

  • Line Splitter

Use a headphone split adapter from Amazon that allows you to connect the adapter to headset headphone jack and also a line in source for audio and also plug in your headphones.


An in-game music player for the Quest version is coming soon.

(PC) Play .mid Song Charts

VRDUS supports .chart files. Some other games use .mid chart files. Open the .mid chart in Moonscraper. Export it as a Clone Hero package.

ms1 export.png
ch package.png

It can now be played in VRDUS. The .mid is now a .chart file. Make sure the audio is .mp3 and follow filename formats.




Find the song folder in VRDUS and select the song you just exported. 


(PC) Play .chart Song Charts

The .chart file format is support as is.

Just load the song in-game under the "Note Highway" option in the main menu.

Make sure the audio is .mp3 and follow filename formats.





Q: Can I run the Quest 3 120HZ refresh rate 3 mode?

  • VRDUS has been tested running in 120HZ. Although it will run you may encounter some in-game glitches or drum effects. It is recommend you run in the game in the default 90HZ.

Q: My hardware pedals work but sometimes they misfunction?

  • Enable the (KMAP) option in the games settings menu under main/settings. Map your pedal as the spacebar.

  • If your pedals have software configuration for functionality please try its different modes with gameplay like single press or long press. We recommend single press. Please contact for more help.

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