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(PC) Create a drum chart for the Note Highways

VR Drums Ultimate Streamer can read ".chart" drum charts out of the box.

Layout a custom drum chart to any song you like that can be played by others in-game if you share it. You just need the .MP3 audio file to start. (.OGG also supported)

Moonscaper - Free Chart Editor (VRDUS compatible)

FeedBack - Free Chart Editor (VRDUS compatible)

Info and tutorials on how to chart notes to any song can be found on the web. We have a short guide on how to chart for the for the FeedBack Chart Editor in the old help guide on the ACC GitHib page.

(PC) Save a Drum Kit to File

You can export your current in-game saved drum kit to a single file for a backup for your personal collection.

Use the included "Companion Application",  there is a launch option for it when you launch the game in Steam.


Option: Launch the Companion App manually. Find "Companion Application.exe" in the games roots installation folder.

Where is games root installation? Where are Steam games installed? Info

Overall Process Video Help:

(PC) How to use custom MIDI soundfonts (.sf2)

There are plenty of ways and free third party applications to change your default MIDI interface which uses the "Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth". Look around on the web to find what one works best for you. Below is great free software that you can use to customize vRDUS.

1.) Virtual MIDI Synth
Drag and drop your .sf2 files into this application to use them with VRDUS.
Switch the default Windows MIDI module to Virtual MIDI Synths.

2.) MIDI Mapper
Change your default Windows MIDI module interface to Virtual MIDI Synths.

3.) Run MidiBridge.exe that is included with VRDUS. Launch it using the Companion App or launch it manually, MidiBridge.exe is located in VR Drums Ultimate Streamer root installation folder. Info

4.) Run VR Drums Ultimate Streamer and open the settings in-game. Select the MIDI tab and check the "Enable MIDI" checkbox.


For detailed info on connected MIDIBridge to VRDUS. click here

5.) Mute or lower the game or Windows volume on VRDUS, the drum sounds hit in-game are now being processed and made audible by the device MIDI module, in order VRDUS > to MidiBridge > to MIDI module device. Info

The VRDRUMS Forum has some .sf2 MIDI soundfont files posted that you can use right now with VRDUS with, Virtual MIDI Synth and MIDI Mapper. So does the Discord server.

(PC & Meta Quest) Play .mid Song Charts

VRDUS supports .chart files out of the box, some other games may use .mid charted files. These can be converted quickly for free. Open the .mid chart in Moonscraper. Export it as notes.chart, and it's done.

Moonscaper - Free Chart Editor/Converter 

Load the notes.mid chart in Moonscraper File>Load.

ms1 export.png

Once the chart is loaded click File>Export.

ms1 export.png

The .mid is now a .chart file. It can now be played in VRDUS. Make sure you follow filename formats below in each your songs folder.



song.ogg (Song name and extension won't matter .mp3 also supported)

Find the song folder in VRDUS and select the song you just exported. 

Q: Where do I put my custom song folders on Quest?android/data/com.aliencybercoat.vrdus/files

(PC & Meta Quest) Play .chart Song Charts

The .chart file format is support out of the box. You will see notes.chart in your custom song folders you add.

Q: Where do I put my custom songs on PCVR?

They can be located anywhere on your PC, even external drives. Find your files in the note highway file browser and select one, it will load up, it does not matter where they are located on your PC. See "Required" below.

Q: Where do I put my custom songs on Quest?

The file browser will manually load up this location on your Quest. Use the "Go Up" button to go up a directory to find other files on your Quest.



Each song should have it's own folder with 3 required files.

The 3 required files in each song folder and the filenames, follow the example below.



song.mp3 (Song name and extension don't matter .ogg is also supported)

Load the game and select "Note Highway" located in the settings "Main" tab.

Use the note highways in-game file browser to find your custom song folders and select the song you want to play. Have fun!


Q: Where do I find note highway songs with charts?

(PC & Meta Quest) How to play music while drumming?

Both version of VRDUS comes with a file browser that can play the files .MP3 / .OGG that you select. Select "Music Player" from the main settings tab.

Q: Why is the music player not working in Meta Quest?

  • VRDUS need to access the Quest storage or SD card to access your music and play it. Make sure you have READ permission enabled. Under the Oculus settings you can toggle any requested permissions for each app.


Other Options To Play Music:

  • Spotify (Option 2)

Open Spotify web player on Meta/Oculus browser, play any song, go to the game and then with a PC or phone hit play while Spotify is being connected to the web player.

Check out this video for more info: Basti564 Spotify Tool

  • Casting

OCasting your screen and game content is enabled on the Meta Quest version. Cast your game anywhere you like.

  • Line Splitter

Use a headphone split adapter from Amazon that allows you to connect the adapter to headset headphone jack and also a line in source for audio and also plug in your headphones.

(PC & Meta Quest) Pedal Controls

Both foot pedals bass and hi-hat button control is on the right controller primary and secondary button presses. If you wish to use the each pedal independently, one for each controller. Visit the main settings tab and click the "Settings" box. Check the box "Independent pedals" to move the bass pedal to the left controllers primary button.

PC: You can connect a USB foot pedal, gamepad or anything that will be recognized by Windows as a device controller. You can also map any device button to the keyboard bass (spacebar) hi-hat (K Key) for pedal use.

Meta Quest: You can connect USB foot pedals if they are recognized by the Meta Quest headset, gamepads or anything recognized as a device controller. You can also map any device button to the keyboard bass (spacebar) hi-hat (K Key) for pedal use.


Use USB pedal as gamepad or map a key with 3rd party software. We recommend "Single Press" for hardware.

(PC & Quest) Save Custom Drum Layout & Setup

You can save your layout, cymbals and drum heads on your setup. When you have everything the way you like it, find the "Drum Builder" tab and click "Save". The next time you play you can press "Load" and your drum kit setup will return how you left it.

The "Save" and" Load" buttons under "Drum Builder" settings tab.


You can export kits as files on the PC. See Here
You can export kits manually on Quest. See Here

(PC) Custom Face Texture

Use this custom UV map to overlay and paint whatever you want onto your drummers face/head in whatever image editor you choose. Select "Custom" Click image to enlarge and download. Also get it on ACC GitHub.

Custom Face Texture.png

Once you are done save the image file as a .jpg or .png you can name the filename it whatever. In the "Drummer" tab enabled "head" and "custom" and enter the location where you save the image local HD or internet address.


1. C:\myfiles\customface3.jpg


(Meta Quest) Can I export a custom drum kit file?

You can manually if you have the permissions to access files on your Quest. The kit file being saved in-game is being written to 1 file, the playerprefs.xml location is listed below.







You can save/backup the playerprefs.xml file after you save your drum kit in-game. You can save these playerprefs.xml anywhere for backup and rename them to whatever you wish. (example: metal kit.xml)

When you want to reload these files, rename it back to playerprefs.xml and overwrite the playerprefs.xml on your headset, location above, and then click "Load" in-game under the "Drum Builder" settings tab.

This process will be made easier in a future update.

PCVR Technical

Q: Missing or delayed hits?

  • If you have to many lights or cameras enabled you can take a performance hit on your PC if your GPU/CPU can't handle it, causing the physics to get bottle necked. Disable some lights or use the performance mode listed in the main settings tab to free up some of your system resources for physics to operate freely.

Q: My hardware pedals work but sometimes they misfunction?

  1. You can try to enable the (KMAP) option in the games settings menu under main/settings. Map your pedal as the spacebar.

  2. If your pedals have software configuration for functionality please try its different modes with gameplay like single press or long press. We recommend single press. Please contact for more help. (See screenshot below)


Q: I rarely loose tracking and drumming

  • Menu > Sticks > Cycle Physics will refresh physics framework and any errors with drumming.

(PCVR) Connect MIDI

1.) Start MidiBridge.exe

Launch MidiBridge.exe with the Companion App or launch it manually, find it in the VR Drums Ultimate Streamer (VRDUS) installation folder. Where are Steam games installed? Info


Once launched you will see MidiBridge load and wait for a connection from VRDUS. Under "Device Name" you will see what current MIDI hardware and or software is connected to Windows and now with MidiBridge. In this demo we will use the included software MIDI module in Windows, the "Mircosoft GS Wavetable". More device names will show up in this list depending on how many you have connected to your PC and Windows. The devices can read note info coming from VRDUS sent to > to MIDIBridge sent to > your device.


2.) Start VR Drums Ultimate Streamer

Go into the settings menu and select the "Main" tab and then then the "MIDI" tab. Check the "Enable MIDI" checkbox. 


You will see a new connection made, the connection is VRDUS. 


Turn down or mute the default in-game drum sounds via the game or Windows volume. The MIDIBridge/your device is now responsible for the volume and will be playing the drum sounds.

Example of a note being hit and processed coming from VRDUS > to MidiBridge > to device.


The hardware kit will play MIDI out notes to device. Follows standard MIDI drum mapping for instrument notes.

Use the "Spawn Unlimited" button under the "Drum Builder" tab to spawn eKit pads in-game and assign any note# or channel# you want VRDUS to send on these pads to your device.


If you have trouble connecting VRDUS/MidiBridge restart MIDIBridge.exe and the VRDUS app and try again.

If your software MIDI module or hardware module device does not appear in MidiBridge under "Device Name" make sure your device is connect and recognized by Windows as a MIDI device.

Meta Quest Technical

Q: Can I run the Quest 3 120HZ refresh rate 3 mode?

  • VRDUS has been tested running in 120HZ. Although it will run you may encounter some in-game glitches or drum effects. It is recommend you run in the game in the default 90HZ.

Q: My hardware pedals work but sometimes they misfunction?

  • Enable the (KMAP) option in the games settings menu under main/settings. Map your pedal as the spacebar.

  • If your pedals have software configuration for functionality please try its different modes with gameplay like single press or long press. We recommend single press. Please contact for more help.

Q: I rarely loose tracking and drumming

  • Menu > Sticks > Cycle Physics will refresh physics framework and any errors with drumming.

Where do I get custom songs for note highway?

Q: Where do I find songs with drum charts?

This is just one example of a site that host charted music files made for other games like Guitar Hero and Rockband, that will work in VRDUS. You can even search YouTube, example "Clone Hero Drum chart download".

You can use any site like this and more, you must add your own custom song folders.

  • VRDUS supports Clone Hero, Rockband and Guitar Hero charts if they are a .chart file, if they are a .mid file with multiple audio files they can be converted to .chart with free tool Moonscraper Chart Editor in seconds. More here

How to convert a .mid to a .chart

Most of these charting sites have listed or displayed what instruments come charted with the song. Make sure you find the charts that have the drums included. In the example below, the site list what instruments are charted.


The top listing has no drum chart with it, the other song listing below does contain a drum chart with 2 black dots, that indicate level 2 difficultly for drumming. Find and choose any difficultly you want. We recommend 1-4 difficulty.

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