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VR Drums Ultimate Streamer Press Kit

Welcome to the VR Drums Ultimate Streamer Press page. If you need any additional information posted to this page or need additional information, please contact us. This article is referring to both version unless stated "Extra PC Benefits".


░Developer: Alien Cyber Coat 

░Release Date: May 2, 2023

░Platforms: PC and Meta Quest
Headsets: Oculus, HTC Vive, Valve Index, Meta Quest

$$░PC Price: $29.99
$$░Meta Quest Price: $9.99

░Availability: Digital Download
Steam Store
Meta Quest Store

░Languages: English

░ESRB: Everyone

░Press Contact:

░Product Store Listing (PC Steam Version ):

Own a realistic looking and sounding drum kit without all the limitations of the real world.

VR Drums Ultimate Streamer is a physic based VR drum kit simulator that has been in development for over 2 years. Our kit simulates owning your own personal drum kit that you can perform on, practice, learn, or modify. You can even move and position each individual drum or cymbal. You can change the drum head of each drum, just like a real drum, changing it's sound when it's hit. Add more drums and cymbals to your kit. Live the ultimate drumming fantasy in VR Drums Ultimate Streamer.

1. We wanted to develop a VR drum kit when we lost our real life drum kit. We hope this helps people with the same issue.
2. Only you hear the noise, not your neighbors.

Physics5 - The custom drumming physics framework made for VR Drums Ultimate Streamer, does drum stuff.

The Benefits (PC & Quest):
- Realistic sounding and looking drum kit.
- Pressure sensitive hits.
- Practice playing drums on a realistic looking VR drum kit for half the price of real drum hardware.
- Practice drum patterns.
- Transfer skills learned in-game to real life.
- Add more pieces to your drum kit.
- Connect game controllers to be used as foot pedals just like a real drum kit. (Bass pedal, Hi-hat pedal)
- Simulate playing at a live concert.
- Save your custom kits for later.

- Play them as loud as a real drum kit, or completely silent to others around you inside your VR headsets headphones. Only you hear the noise, not your neighbors.

Extra PC Benefits:

- Note highway minigame.
- MIDI output option.
The PCVR version you can also use the VR drum kit and connected it to MIDI module devices through Windows, change the sounds in-game with MIDI output, or your own MIDI sound fonts.

How to Play:
- Pick up your sticks and start banging.

Video Trailer:

Download all the images on acc's Github or Steam page.

Alien Cyber Coat is a very small American application dvelopment team and testers making video games since 2005.


Press Coverage:

"VR Drums Ultimate Streamer takes drumming in virtual reality to the next level, as it features a 17+ piece drum set, a realistic physics engine, and advanced audio processing. You can also mod and practice your drum set and use the MIDI out option to connect to other devices. With OpenXR support, the game is compatible with most OpenXR devices." -VR Today Magazine

Input (Public Testers):

VRDUS passed through the hands of many public testers during its test stages. Here is some of the input.

"The performance in terms of smooth gameplay is spot on."

-Public Tester


"I didn't experience any latency between hitting the drums and hearing the sound so that's awesome."

-Public Tester

"I tried it earlier today, you really done a great job."

-Public Tester

High quality images click to enlarge.

Quest Logo Transparent (PNG)

gameLogo Quest transparent.png

PC-VR Logo Transparent (PNG)

gameLogo PCVR transparent.png

Universal Media Logos Transparent (PNG)

gameLogo transparent.png
gameLogo2 transparent.png

Universal Logo NO Transparency (PNG)


Phys5 Transparent (PNG)

physics5 transparent stock.png

Quest Screenshots (PNG) 1920x1080

screenshot quest 1.png
screenshot quest 2.png

PC-VR Screenshots (PNG) 1920x1080

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